Tring’s Voice Heard at County Hall as Bus Petition Handed In

On Tuesday morning, 4th November, 2014,  Nick Hollinghurst, County Councillor Tring & the Villages, presented a petition on behalf of Tring residents and with the support of the Tring Bus Users Group for the 387 service to Tring Station to be extended to 8.15 pm instead of – as the Conservatives propose – being terminated at 6.30 pm.
The 387 route serving Tring Station is one of the most heavily subsidised routes in the county but is recognised as having “high social importance”.
The Lib Dem Opposition on the county council has already presented a county-wide electronic petition protesting against the cuts and the Tring petition was accompanied by a huge one from Watford Lib Dems. The county Labour Group and the campaigning organisation “38 Degrees” presented similar petitions.
Nick said: “The Liberal Democrat Opposition on Hertfordshire County Council launched a searing attack on the Tory bus cuts at Tuesday’s Highways and Transport Panel. The carefully balanced Liberal Democrat proposals would have saved the threatened bus services while still staying within the budget.
Instead the Tories voted down the Liberal Democrat proposals, preferring to ignore their own consultation results and the views of over 12,000 local people. To add insult to injury, the Tories then decided upon a fresh round of consultation – and even more swingeing cuts. At least people will have a second chance to voice their strong opposition to these damaging proposals!
Rather than save bus services the Conservatives at County Hall are determined to cap bus subsidies at a totally inadequate level just to save money. The Tory plans would mean no buses at all in some of our rural areas and many routes at stopping at 7.30pm.”