An Easy Walk in the Country near Tring – now Easier to get to.

With improved quality of life in mind, Tring County Councillor, Nick Hollinghurst, has arranged a couple of simple improvements to the local road and footpath network between Dundale Road and Little Tring.

The only difficulty is in crossing the Icknield Way at the cross roads with Dundale Road and Little Tring Road. Please take care here.

But for anyone living in central Tring its now easier get out into the country.

The footway along the east side of Little Tring Road has been rebuilt and is a safe easy way to get up to Footpath 51 on the west side (again care in crossing the road, please).

This will take you a short way to the west where it then turns right and downhill to a junction with footpaths 67 (eastwards back to Little Tring and the canal) and 46 (westward to Miswell Farm) or you can carry on straight ahead to the Wendover Arm canal where there is a bridge to the towpath on the north side.

This gives you the opportunity to keep going ahead to Wilstone Reservoir and on to Wilstone Green or along recently restored Footpath 43 to Meads Farm Shop and refreshments.

And if you’re pushed for time you can drive to the end of Footpath 51 where a small Leisure Car Park has been constructed with space for three cars.

Have a pleasant walk out in the fresh air!