“Liberal Democrats are the most Pro-European Party in British Politics”, claims Leader Ed Davey

The Liberal Democrats are the most pro-European party in British Politics
I’ve always believed Britain is best when it is at the heart of Europe. And that belief doesn’t stop now we have left the EU.
By Ed Davey, Jan 20, 2021 6:01

The Liberal Democrats are the most pro-European party in British politics. We truly believe that we are stronger together, and internationalism will always be one of our core values.
That hasn’t changed now that we have left the European Union.
I am proud how we Liberal Democrats campaigned tirelessly against Brexit, and proud that last month all Liberal Democrat MPs voted against Johnson’s dreadful EU Trade Deal – already proving so disastrous to small businesses, fishermen and the wider economy.
And I’m determined the Liberal Democrats remain a pro-European party committed to the UK being members of the European Union again.
But we are realistic. We get that we lost the battle to stop Brexit.
It’s also a simple fact that the UK won’t be rejoining in the immediate future because the Conservative Government has a majority of 80.
So for now we must make the case for a close relationship with the EU and for the merits of free movement of people and highlight the huge problems caused by the chaotic Brexit.
That’s how we will win our historic pro-European case.
The motion on Europe the party agreed at the last conference has it spot on – making the positive case for Europe to win people over to our longer goal of EU membership, whilst campaigning on our other priorities such as carers, small businesses and mental health.
The chaos of Brexit over the last four years should be a stark warning for Scottish Nationalists who want to break Scotland from the U.K. Breaking long term economic partnerships has proven to be costly and damaging so we should learn the lessons of Brexit not repeat them with independence.