Liberal democrat Opposition Claims, “Herts County Council “unambitious’ over Electric Vehicle Charging Points”

Opposition Liberal Democrat Councillors have hit out over Hertfordshire County Council’s policies on providing electric vehicle charge points as “totally lacking vision and unambitious”.

Herts County Council is proposing to only allow for on road chargers in limited circumstances creating a two-tier system.

Liberal Democrat councillors tried to get the council to agree to allow their installation in residential streets which lack off-road parking using, where feasible, existing street furniture. They were voted down by the ruling Conservatives.

Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst who proposed the move said:

“The Conservative approach is discriminatory and frankly an insult to the thousands of residents who live in streets with no off-road parking. It’s fine if you live in a house with a drive but if not, ‘get lost’ is the message – ‘drive to a car park, pay to park and charge your car or find a charging point en route’. This approach – entirely contrary to government advice – is half baked.

Only recently in my own area, Watford Council had secured government money for fifteen on-road lamp post chargers. The units were in stock but the county council vetoed the idea. Luckily the Borough Council was able to purchase seven special free-standing units, though at greater expense.

If we are to become carbon neutral and cease using petrol or diesel vehicles, we need a mix of charging locations – on road and off. It is not levelling up if those who can charge off road are advantaged compared with others who are forced to drive to a different location to charge a vehicle. This just discourages those willing to purchase an electric vehicle.”

“,” Stephen said.