Cameron was Wrong on Public Support for Wind Farms – Tories have always had a History of Blocking Green Power.

The Tories were wrong back then – they’re still wrong now!

When David Cameron was Prime Minister he implied that people were fed up with onshore wind farms being built, despite the Government’s own research showing that a large majority of the public support them.

Latest research by the Department of Energy and Climate Change shows that 67 per cent of people support onshore wind farms. However, the Conservatives just dug in and said they would not subsidise new onshore turbines if they win the general election. They did win that election and since then only 2 onshore wind turbines have been built.

The Liberal Democrats will never abandon our commitment to the environment and we have ensured that it stays at the top of the agenda. In government, we have blocked a Conservative plans to impose a cap on wind farms.

Putting the brakes on onshore wind would be disastrous for the environment, businesses and jobs.

Just days after this small Lib Dem success, Tory Chief Whip Michael Gove barred Tory Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd from attending critical climate change talks in Lima.

The Tories showed yet again their lack of commitment to green causes.

(first posted in August 2022)