Fresh Hope for Hope Valley Rail Passenger Services as Modernisation nears Completion.

Passenger services in the Hope Valley have had a history of unreliability. One reason has been the conflict between the passenger and freight trains.

A passing loop is being installed between Bamford and Hathersage, an overbridge will be installed at Hathersage West to improve passenger safety, new signaling is being installed to handle the increased capacity and platforms are being extended to allow for longer passenger trains and to reduce overcrowding.

The downside of this modernisation has been weekend line and station closures.

However, the final line closure (of 9 days) will be from 2300 on Friday 15th March 2024 until 0515 on 25th March 2024.

The entire package is expected to cost £150 million and the works should finally be completed with the full opening once again of the Dore & Totley station car park on 6th April 2024.