Soon You Won’t be Able to Avoid Electric Motoring – It’s Here Today and Here to Stay!

Yes, who would have thought it? Electric motoring is now mainstream.

Along with recycling facilities, which were once only to be found at shopping centres – but are now common at individual large retailers – EV charging stations are making the same transition. And that’s not just corporate social responsibility in action – companies are making the calculation that EV charging is a facility for their customers that will boost their profits.

Having started with trailblazers like Waitrose and the Co-Op, EV chargers can now be found at most of the other supermarkets, Sainsburys, Morrissons and Tesco – most notably for us a 2-socket charging post has now arrived in Tesco, Tring, as the picture illustrates.

Where on earth will EV chargers turn up next? In petrol stations? Well, now you come to mention it, yes! Shell and BP are currently rolling out a network of rapid EV charges at filling stations across the UK, albeit rather slowly.