Herts Conservatives back Sunak on cutting action on climate change

Conservatives have watered down a Liberal Democrat proposal criticising the government for rowing back on the climate emergency at a meeting of Herts County Council. Business and environmental groups say that the changes would undermine the country’s response to the climate emergency.

Conservative County Councillors claimed that it did not matter if the country or the council met its net zero targets because they “are only a small proportion of global emissions.” They also took the opportunity to renew their opposition to widespread introduction of 20mph speed limits in residential roads, despite large scale support for this across the county.

Liberal Democrat Environment Spokesperson County Councillor Paul Zukowskyj said, “The government appears to be stepping back from the commitment to net zero. The introduction of uncertainty is not helpful for business, communities or the environment. Unfortunately, the Conservatives in Hertfordshire want to remove any recognition that this is about our response to the climate emergency. The future of our county and our country depend on getting this right.”

The Conservatives were also not prepared to sign up to “continuing and expanding” the council’s efforts to address the climate emergency.

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